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The Meaning of the Lotus Flower in Contemporary Jewellery Design

The Meaning of the Lotus Flower in Contemporary Jewellery Design

The powerful symbol of the lotus flower has influenced culture and religion throughout time. The Ancient Egyptians, Buddhists and Hindus all interpreted this unusual flower in their own way. In recent times the lotus flower has seen a rise in favour amongst jewellery designers due to it’s rich and complex symbolism. 

For Hindus the lotus flower relates to beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality, and eternity. The flower is usually white. 

Hindu gods and goddesses are often depicted with the flower. Laxmi, goddess of prosperity is often illustrated sitting on top of an open lotus flower. Brahma, god of creation is sometimes shown coming out of a lotus. 

In hindu culture the lotus symbolises an enlightened and wise quality in an individual. The closed flower relates to an unopened soul that has the capacity to open up itself, like a flower to the divine truth. 

In Buddhism he lotus is a symbol ofpurity and spiritual enlightenment as it has grown from the depths of dirty waters to break the surface and emerge clean and beautiful. 

Different colours apply different meanings to the lotus flower and affect the way they are depicted in religious imagery. 

The blue lotus is associated with wisdom, intelligence and knowledge. It is always shown as being partially open. 

The white lotus symbolises awakening and mental purity. This lotus is known as the womb of the world.

The purple lotus is mystic. Depicted closed or open, the eight petals of the purple lotus symbolise the noble eightfold path that leads to self awakening. 

The pink lotus is the supreme true lotus of buddha. 

The red lotus related to love and compassion. 

The Ancient Egyptians associated the lotus with rebirth due to the flowers’ habit of submerging underwater and night and remerging into the sunlight during the day (although this is not strictly true).

The Acient Egyptian Book of the Dead contains resurrection spells which claim to turn a person in to a lotus allowing for rebirth. 

Jewellery is worn as an expression of ones self. To carry a lotus flower around on your body in the form of jewellery is to remind yourself and the world of the values and traits that are associated with the flower. Many people wear the lotus flower as a symbol of their own spiritual journey. 

To recap, the qualities that humans have associated with the lotus flower in the past and present are: beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality, eternity, enlightenment, wisdom, purity, intelligence, knowledge, awakening, love, compassion and rebirth. 

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